Five Songs, 1/31/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/31/2022

Oneida, "Every Day is a Child With Teeth"

This is from the split EP that Oneida made with Liars, Athiests, Reconsider, where both bands contributed two originals and a cover of the other band. Both bands are pretty restless in their styles, and true to form, the EP covers quite a bit of territory. It's not a bad introduction to both bands, honestly, although it frankly won't really tell you that much about how each band typically sounds. But it'll give you a sense for if you like the general approach of both.

NoMeansNo, "Big Dick"

This is the inaugural In The Fishtank release, where Dutch label Konkurrent sticks a band in a studio for a couple days and releases whatever comes out. The NoMeansNo EP sees them taking advantage of an unusual lineup, with two drummers, and doing some experimenting with their sound. This is a new version of a tune from Wrong, and it's a totally different arrangement. This series is generally pretty interesting, if you're a fan of the band involved.

Belle and Sebastian, "The State I Am In"

Hey, let's do more live-in-studio stuff! This is from The BBC Sessions, and unlike the previous song, this is a pretty straightforward version of the original. It's a lovely tune, and the lush arrangement suits it well. But they aren't breaking any ground here.

The Afghan Whigs, "Be Sweet"

There was a time that I would have said that Gentlemen is the best album from a grunge band, but I'm not sure that's really true. But mostly because I never really was comfortable with the Whigs getting lumped in with grunge, as I don't think they really share that much with the genre. They made rock music on Sub Pop at the right time, but that's about it. Anyway, the album rules.

Frameworks, "Smother"

Is this post-hardcore? Screamo? Kinda in-between, I suppose. As with many bands in this rough bucket, I find the vocals here a bit exhausting, but it's not a bad record.

Joshua Buergel
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