Five Songs, 2/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/1/2022

Deltron 3030, "Virus"

Hmm, gotta say this song hits a little different than it used to.

Cinerama, "Maniac"

Yet another live-in-studio thing! Two yesterday, another today. This is from John Peel Sessions, the progenitor of all these projects. Well, not this particular one, the John Peel sessions in general. John Peel loved David Gedge, so Cinerama did a bunch of these things (as did the Wedding Present). This session actually preceeds the release of Va Va Voom, and this song would end up as their debut album opener. If you're a huge Cinerama fan, it's fun to hear things in an earlier form.

Kanye West, "Champion"

I think I've said before, you've got your own opinion on Kanye West, and so let's just put this track out here and move on.

Alex Chilton, "Bangkok"

Another track from the Ork Records: New York, New York compilation, this is as usual a fun piece of raw rock. The geography is a bit confused, though.

Art Brut, "Good Weekend"

And, you know, Art Brut could have just fit directly on that comp. The music is pretty much straight out of 1979, which is part of what makes them fun. Marrying the dry anti-singing of Eddie Argos with witty/stupid lyrics and throwback garage rock is really a winning combination. It wouldn't prove to be a long-lasting formula, but this debut record is a ripper.

Joshua Buergel
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