Five Songs, 2/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/2/2022


Two two twenty two. Neat date!

Guided by Voices, "Hot Freaks"

Bee Thousand, the Guided By Voices breakthrough record, isn't really notably different from their previous records. It's as ramshackle and distracted as their previous albums, with the same penchant for memorable melodies floating in as frequently as they stagger out. Just as soon as a tune gets going properly, it's on to the next. The hit rate on this album is higher than the previous records, so it's probably the apotheosis of their early approach. After this, they'd slowly start getting more professional, so if you want the raw shit, this is your starting point, and then you can work backwards as far as you can stand.

Merle Haggard, "Red Bandana"

I imagine ol' Merle wouldn't have had much time for Robert Pollard and company.

Rogue Wave, "Postage Stamp World"

Every time Rogue Wave comes up, I always think "oh yeah, that band!" And then they go right back into the memory hole, to be dug up again later. Like I'm a goldfish that learned to type.

Modest Mouse, "Edit the Sad Parts (Live)"

I genuinely love early Modest Mouse, but the live tracks tacked onto the end of the Interstate 8 EP are very unnecessary.

Night Soil Man, "Hyeena"

Yes, that's [sic]. Night Soil Man was a post-hardcore band in the late 80s/early 90s who put out one LP and a few other miscellaneous releases, which were all gathered into a posthumous collection called Chief Left His Settlement (In The) Garden of Delights, combining the names of their various releases. They're notable primarily as the first band that Mark Trombino (drums) and Mike Kennedy (bass) played in before they became the rhythm section of the legendary Drive Like Jehu. But beyond that, Rosebud (on guitar and vocals) gives a pretty distinct vocal performance that lets them stand out among other post-hardcore.

Joshua Buergel
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