Five Songs, 1/31/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/31/2020

Zion I, "Radio"

Zion I always incorporates other styles of music into their hip-hop, and here, we've got something that kind of sounds kind of like conventional adult contemporary rock. Maybe there's a reason other bands haven't tried this sort of thing much?

Elvis Costello, "Party Girl"

From the extras on the deluxe reissue of Armed Forces, I sort of wish that the first bit here turned into the live version of "Surrender" from Cheap Trick. Or, uh, "Jimmy James", which used the sample from the live version of "Surrender".

As always, live stuff is mostly pretty inessential. Bonus tracks from deluxe reissues doubly so.

MIKE, "Pigeonfeet"

A Bandcamp discovery, MIKE is a ridiculously prolific artist out of New York. This album came out in the middle of 2017, and he has...six releases since then? I honestly can't keep up. At any rate, he's not afraid to mix up his beats with unconventional sounds, such as the coda to this track with the shuffling electronics.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, "Prelude"

Come on, Del, what are you doing putting a track called "Prelude" in the middle of your record?

Dr. Dre, "The Car Bomb"

Another throwaway! I should just instititue a policy to skip tracks like this.

Joshua Buergel
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