Five Songs, 1/30/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/30/2020

The Regrettes, "Hot"

The Regrettes' debut record from 2017, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, is a delightful slab of garage rock. Like any good garage rock, it's full of energy, hooks, and attitude. This kind of record is perpetually welcome as far as I'm concerned, and I really recommend it.

The Birthday Party, "Figure of Fun"

Groundbreaking post-punk band The Birthday Party, featuring a young Nick Cave, in a lot of ways set the template for noise rock. While there are plenty of bands after them that kind of sound like them, or tried to, there aren't really any predecessors that I'm aware of. One of the truly inspirational bands in music history, at least for the kind of stuff I listen to.

Dirty Three, "Last Horse On The Sand"

I'm a sucker for unconventional instrumentation, so the Dirty Three were interesting to me, with their lineup of guitar/drums/violin. They play instrumental stuff, in an experimental, post-rock-y kind of vein. I honestly kind of wish they'd pick it up a little bit. I only have the one record from them, so it might be that this record is atypical.

The Goats, "Rumblefish"

There were a lot of people trying to sound like Cypress Hill in 1994, to varying levels of success. But I'm going to call out those gorgeous live drums and guitar on this track, and this song is easily the best on the Goats' second record, which overall isn't great.

Sharon Jones, "You'll Be Lonely"

Aw, we are lonely with you gone, Sharon!

Joshua Buergel
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