Five Songs, 10/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/1/2022

Idlewild, "These Wooden Ideas"

It's not always clear ahead of time if an album or band will click or not. Reviews and comparisons can take you only so far, and until you sit down with a record and really try it out, you'll just never know. On paper, Idlewild should have been up my alley. And this is fine, but there's no spark for me. I suppose it's good that surprises still happen in this process, otherwise it would be mechanical and dull, and those exciting times when something is perfect for you are worth seeking out. I mean, if our tastes were predictable, we could build ourselves big recommendaiton engines, and people would just sit around and listen to whatever the machines suggest. Thank god that's not going to happen!

PIG, "Black Mambo"

PIG is Raymond Watts, former KMFDM member, setting off on his own to push the boundaries of industrial. By far the most obvious comparison is with Foetus, with a similar melding of orchestration and grunting lyrics. Watts is great at using horns, giving the proceedings a real demented cabaret feel. While Foetus would always be more inventive, PIG is always super listenable and really a very good time. This is from a compilation bringing together the EPs The Swining and Red Raw & Sore, and it's a solid record.

Chemical People, "Seventy Six"

We've had this record before, but as a refresher: it's called Soundtracks because the band decided to use it to audition to make music for pornography. To my awareness, they didn't manage to break in to that industry.

Antipop Consortium, "Ping Pong"

I'm a huge sucker for any music that's built from incidental noise like this.

Broken Social Scene, "Lover's Spit"

This band is frequently described as an "ensemble", which seems to be the sort of thing we apply to Canadian artists. Or maybe I'm just remembering a couple of them. Whatever!

Joshua Buergel
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