Five Songs, 10/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/2/2022

Cave In, "Come Into Your Own"

If I told you that there was a band called Cave In, and that they were showing up on this blog, you'd probably have some picture of what they sound like that would involve one or more things howling. I doubt you'd picture something that sounds like this. Kinda feel like it's false advertising.

El-P, "The Overly Dramatic Truth"

A thing you can't often say about El-P's compositions is that they're pretty. It's just not a goal he often shoots for, although he's capable of it if he chooses. This beat, though, sometimes could be described as such. There's a certain poppiness to it that doesn't often show up in his work.

Scherzo, "Close the Door"

Scherzo were a short-lived Bay Area punk band with a single album and a couple singles. The album is an excellent example of the Lookout style, and while it's a time capsule, it's still pretty fun to listen to. Well, for me, who picked this up back when it was still fresh.

The Beautiful South, "Blackbird on the Wire"

In my mind, there's a line between 0898 Beautiful South and their remaining career where I'm no longer inspired by their music. It's all very pretty, but it's just kind of...flat? Dull? Too pretty? I'm not entirely sure, really, other than knowing that I don't really retain any of it. So, I went to go look at Rate Your Music, and sure enough, it's a straight line down from that album. Vindication!

La Dispute, "Rhodonite and Grief"

Maybe my opinions are the boring things?

Joshua Buergel
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