Five Songs, 10/12/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/12/2022

Young Hunter, "Nothing Shakes the Void"

Doom. Dooooooooooooom. very slow headbang Dooooooooooooooooooooom.

June of 44, "Of Information & Belief"

You know, I wasn't paying attention, and this song started seamlessly enough that I didn't even notice we switched. That probably says more about me than it does about the bands, but I'm going to willfully choose to believe that it says we've got a good playlist cooking today. Yeah, that's it! I'm not just quarter-assing my way through this thing! I'm a professional!

Geryon, "Dawn"

There's something about this song that kind of sounds like the mix is all funny. It's all rumble and no top end, but it seems like there should be some? It's a disorienting effect, one which only partially goes away in the middle of the song as some treble shows up. Given how much I listen to metal to be unsettled, it's always nice to be unsettled in a new way.

J Church, "No Jazz"

There was something of a gap between The Drama of Alienation in 1996 and One Mississippi in 2000, a fallow period that saw J Church only release about a dozen singles instead of the usual assortment of albums, EPs, and singles. The resulting album was no letdown, though, as they picked up where the previous album left off and cranked out a huge set of tunes. The studio albums generally had solid production on them, so overall, this is a great release from them and not a bad place to pick up J Church.

DJ /rupture, "In Front of You"

I should listen to this while playing Minesweeper, as its title suggests. It would be fun to revisit Minesweeper.

Joshua Buergel
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