Five Songs, 10/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/13/2022

Throbbing Gristle, "Walkabout"

As I was getting further into industrial and noise, around 1991 or so, a key thing I used to help out was Usenet. As I read newsgroups and learned more about bands, Throbbing Gristle would come up a lot as one of the critical pioneers of industrial. And I'm not sure why, as I was listening to Einstürzende Neubauten and Foetus and the like, but I found the idea of Throbbing Gristle really intimidating. I think I thought maybe I wouldn't get them, that I would reveal myself to be an uncultured oaf incapable of appreciating a truly original band.

It would be years before I'd get around to giving them a try, and I was surprised to discover how varied they were in reality. Far from a grim and austere band, like I had thought, there's a playfulness in Throbbing Gristle that really took me aback. Like, this is a sunny, Kraftwerk-esque romp. You could see this as the background in an optimistic PR video for a multi-national corporation. Probably one that manufactures drones and napalm.

Public Enemy, "I"

This is a seriously RZA-ass beat right here, one of the better tunes from There's a Poison Goin On.... Could probably use fewer interjections from Flav, though.

Drive-By Truckers, "Zip City"

There are some bands where you're just missing out on things if you don't actually pay attention and parse the lyrics. For a lot of records, I don't, not really. Lyrics are just kind of sounds, another instrument in the mix, and it's only when I listen to an album a lot that I kind of pick out meaning in the words. But Drive-By Truckers kind of demand that I pay more attention to things.

The Suicide Machines, "The Real You"

Love a punk song that just starts with the drums. And some hyperactive ska! Some gratuitous swearing! Fun stuff all around.

The Queers, "Sidewalk Surfin' Girl"

I'm gonna recommend you just hit up that Suicide Machines track again.

Joshua Buergel
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