Five Songs, 10/14/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/14/2022

Stugots, "Ooh Poo Pah Doo"

This is from an EP called Soupy Sales, a slab of fun, guttural noise rock. This tune, the closer to that EP, is different, as it's a cover, was recorded live, and is just kind of a straightforward rock song. You can't really tell that much about the band from this.

Skinnerbox, "I've Got To Know"

This is from the final Skinnerbox record, released after Moon Records imploded. It continues King Django's approach of mostly playing it pretty traditional, although there are some punk elements here and there, some dub, some rocksteady, just lots of bits to keep things fresh.

P. Miles Bryson, "Subtler Polycultural Shades Of Chinese Tiki Coromandel Screens"

This record, Megalomaniac Decorator's Quarterly, is pure plunderphonics. There's a disorienting effect throughout all of it, a throughline of hazy 50's nostalgia that leaves you confused about exactly when and where this all is supposed to be taking place. Bafflement is often what I'm seeking in plunderphonics, a thing where I can try and contemplate deeper meaning while my brain skips several grooves, and this record does great with it.

They Might Be Giants, "E Eats Everything"

You know, I have strong opinions on the TMBG kids' records, which I probably shouldn't have. But I did play them for my own kids when they were little, and I think pretty clearly that this one (Here Come the ABCs) is the weakest of the bunch. No, I won't explain myself.

Queens of the Stone Age, "...Like Clockwork"

The closer to the album of the same name, it's a melancholy close to a record that had a melancholy air to a lot of it. It's not my favorite QotSA record, but it's a solid album and I appreciate that most of their albums don't really sound like any of their other records.

Joshua Buergel
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