Five Songs, 10/15/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/15/2022

Squarepusher, "Tundra"

Feed Me Weird Things is Squarepusher's debut record, where he still hewed closer to jungle than he later would on subsequent albums. But even at this early date, when he was still working to define his approach, the fusion elements still shine through pretty distinctly. In the end, there's nothing really very standard about this, one of the stronger tracks on the record.

Vaz, "Chartreuse Blues"

Vaz is two-thirds of noise rock legends Hammerhead carrying on with tunes very much in the same aggressive vein. All growling guitars and pummeling rhythms, this is the good stuff. Starting on this record, Chartreuse Bull, they added a second guitarist, giving a more layered sound than they'd ever had, either as Vaz or Hammerhead, so this is probably the record to start with. Or go back and listen to Hammerhead's Into the Vortex first. I'll always recommend that record.

Felt, "Felt Chewed Up"

Felt is Atmosphere's Slug pairing up with Murs, with a different producer on each record. Aesop Rock is behind the boards this time, and maybe it's just because I'm so used to hearing Slug with Ant (who produced Felt 2), but it doesn't kind mesh for me. I like the beats, and I enjoy the MCs, but it doesn't seem like they quite come together.

Crudbump, "I Don't Do Shit"

Me neither, Crudbump.

The Aquabats!, "Ska Robot Army!"

We just had a ska robot army in here! BONUS SONG TIME

Joey Bada$$, "Paper Trail$"

Hang on, lemme try something: Jo$hua Buergel.

Ouch, big nope there.

Joshua Buergel
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