Five Songs, 10/15/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/15/2020

Sumerlands, "Blind"

We've talked around here a lot (well, I talked...typed...whatever) about metal's many genres. One thing that these genres can do is result in pigeonholing your listening too much. So, I periodically sample from genres that I'm not big on. Usually it doesn't work! This album was one of those experiments, where I decided to go for a modern heavy metal record. It doesn't really do much for me. Oh well!

Iskra, "Lawless"

Been metal heavy around here the last few days. Sorry about that! I don't even remember how I ended up with this record, but it's pretty black, which is what I usually end up listening to mostly. It says here they're from Victoria, so it might also have been a regional thing. Who knows? Anyway, I do like this better than the previous track. Because clearly something is wrong with me.

Blackalicious, "Blacka"

Hell yeah, that's better. After a tremendous three-album run, Blackalicious went on hiatus. Gift of Gab went to go do some solo work, Chief Xcel produced a bunch of stuff, but the band seemed dead. However, ten years after The Craft, they popped back up with Imani, Vol. 1, and it's kind of like they never left. I mean, just listen to this! Alas, there is no volume 2. Yet?

Krallice, "Monolith of Possession (Live)"

Well, that was fun while it lasted. This is from a live record, Rot and Waste Live, which collects live tracks from four different shows. I'll be honest: I don't really know why I got this. I don't usually like live records. I like Krallice a lot, but I don't blame anybody for skipping this one.

Six Finger Satellite, "Home For The Holy Day"

Now forgotten, Six Finger Satellite were a post-hardcore-ish/noise rock-ish band that put out a bunch of records on Sub Pop, but I don't really notice anybody ever talking about them. Honestly, I didn't even pay that much attention to them back in the day, as I only have their debut album and didn't follow them afterwards. It's a shame, this is really good! Very Nation of Ulysses. I'm going to fix this and go get another record!

Joshua Buergel
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