Five Songs Special, 10/16/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs Special, 10/16/2020


Happy birthday to the most important listener/reader of Five Songs! YES, YOU.

The Pixies, "Where Is My Mind?"

I'm not sure a week doesn't go by where Dave Lovering's entry into this song doesn't go through my head. And that's without talking about how often the rest of the song goes through my brain. Where is my mind? It's on the Pixies, most of the time.

The Jesus Lizard, "Mouth Breather"

Speaking of drum parts that go through my head all the time, Mac McNeilly's drums here are indelibly printed into my head. When I die (probably crushed by a stack of board games falling on me), you'll be able to slice me open and find the chunk of gray matter assigned to keep track of this. This is essentially a perfect rock song.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Very Rare"

Apparently, today we're just doing "drums that have been stuck in my head for decades". Here, we've got Russel Simins locked into an absolutely savage groove, especially when Jon and Judah lay out and just let him smoke.

Burning Airlines, "Pacific 231"

Yeah, we've had it on here before. I don't care! You ain't the boss of me! Listen to Peter Moffett go!

Fugazi, "Cassavetes"

Had to get Brendan Canty in here. The drum intro to this song is yet another of the things that is burned into my skull. The whipcrack of his snare, it's just so damn perfect.

Why yes, today was not random, how could you tell?

Joshua Buergel
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