Five Songs, 10/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/15/2021

Eels, "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)"

Hey man, have you ever tried to write something interesting about five random songs every single day? Now you're really living!

Foo Fighters, "My Hero"

I like this album just fine, sometimes I just want something tuneful and energetic. But I don't really listen to it that often...on a stereo. On Rock Band? I've heard these songs a ton. I can just see the little colored lights if I close my eyes.

Atmosphere, "Godlovesugly"

The second Atmosphere album, God Loves Ugly, is the one where they really started hitting. While the next album would be the peak of this phase of their career, there's some really strong, very personal rhymes on this album. Some of Slug's issues are really coming through, but it's a very good album.

Moodymann, "I'll Provide"

Last time Moodymann came up, I said I don't know shit about Detroit house (or any other kind of electronic music from Detroit). Still don't! This tune is tight, though.

Mattiel, "Silver Pillbox"

Mattiel's self-titled 2017 record is another one of those albums that got the critics all wound up that year, so I picked it up out of curiosity. And it's pretty good, although I can't help feeling like I'd need to pay a lot of attention to it to get more out of it. I think I just don't quite have as much time to really pay attention to music any more, and I don't always give records the chance they probably deserve. Oh well!

Joshua Buergel
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