Five Songs Special, 10/16/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs Special, 10/16/2021


It's Megan's birthday! Happy birthday! I picked a keyword today, can you figure it out?

The Budos Band, "Old Engine Oil"

The opening track of V, which I like a lot. This track in particular has a lot of classic rock vibes going, which go well with that big, brassy horn part.

The Beautiful South, "Old Red Eyes Is Back"

I adored the first Beautiful South record (Welcome To The Beautiful South), and was kind of disappointed with the followup (Choke). There just weren't as many transcendent moments, there weren't as many of the really acid moments in the lyrics, and it felt kind of rushed out. When 0898 Beautiful South came out, I was happy to hear it was closer to the first album. It's still not quite as good, but it's close, and it's my second favorite album from them.

UFO Or Die, "Old Cold Meat"

A repeat! Whatever!

Bomb The Music Industry!, "Old and Unprofessional"

The opener of Goodbye Cool World!, which is a fantastic album title. A spastic beginning to a spastic album, but as with all BTMI! stuff, it's a super fun record that rewards paying attention for those moments of brilliance screaming past you.

Al Green, "Old Time Lovin'"

You know, obvious keyword aside (figure it out yet?), this set is kind of full of bangers. And "Old Cold Meat".

Andrew Bird, "Dear Old Greenland"

Just as this song closes out (the brilliant) The Swimming Hour, this will take us out today. I actually listened to this song while watching Greenland pass underneath the plane out the window on an unusually clear night. It's one of those little moments of beauty that I can still picture, it's stuck with me for decades.

Joshua Buergel
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