Five Songs, 10/22/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/22/2021

Lando Chill, "The King Of Salem"

This album is apparently inspired by the book The Alchemist, which I have not read, so I learned that only from reading about the record. That probably means I'm not really cool enough to be listening to this album, honestly.

Killdozer, "Richard"

The sample here at the front, about the cash value of carcasses, really sums up the aesthetic of Killdozer quite succinctly. There's that sort of working-class Midwestern thing, the reveling in the grim details of existence, the sort of incongruity of Killdozer's sound and sense of humor, all of it.

Pegboy, "Superstar"

Keepin' it in the Midwest! Pegboy is a Chicago punk band featuring John Haggerty from the legendary Naked Raygun, pursuing very similar musical ideas as that band. It's good, sturdy melodic punk, perfectly pleasant to listen to although I don't put this record on very often any more.

Mosca Violenta & Mombu, "Tuchulcha"

Experimental sax weirdos Mombu met up with fellow sax weirdos Mosca Violenta to put out an EP (Hunting Demons) with one of the strangest lineups ever in rock: two saxes, two drummers, one bassist. Fuck yeah! Given how many records on this here website are either super-heavy or have a sax involved, it'll surprise you not at all to learn that if you can combine them, I'm in heaven. Alas, this four-song collab is all that we've gotten from this pairing thus far.

Serdce, "Omens"

When this first started, I immediately thought, oh geez, one of those "for babies" records again. And I couldn't place the tune, so I went and looked, and nope! Progressive metal! I mean, you could play this for babies, I don't honestly think they would care at all. Might risk having a prog metal fan in the house, though.

Joshua Buergel
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