Five Songs, 10/23/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/23/2021

Slapstick, "She Doesn't Love Me"

Yesterday, I mentioned I don't listen to Pegboy much any more, and it's largely because I've stepped away from most of the melodic punk I used to listen to. When I put on a punk record, I usually go for something a little more upbeat and poppy these days. Something like this! And of course, Slapstick had horns, the other thing from yesterday. And sure enough, I actually have listened to this record recently.

Lambchop, "Life's Little Tragedy"

This is the earliest Lambchop album I've heard, I've never actually listened to their first record. By the time they hit this one, their second album, Lambchop was basically fully formed. Kurt Wagner's laconic, almost spoken delivery was certainly present, the languid pace was here, the lush arrangements, the floating harmonies - many of Lambchop's calling cards were already here on this song. It's such a good formula that I haven't gotten tired of it, even across 14 albums.

The Decemberists, "Carolina Low"

Well, that fits pretty well. The Decemberists only have about half as many people making noise compared to Lambchop, but whatever, this goes along just fine today. As long as, you know, you ignore the first song in today's set.

Riverdales, "She's Gonna Break Your Heart"

Ben Weasel took some time away from his ongoing Ramones tribute Screeching Weasel to record this album of Ramones tribute tunes under the name of The Riverdales. He even brought along a couple of his fellow bandmates. So, exactly how is this different from a Screeching Weasel record? Uh.

Pyrrhon, "Sleeper Agent"

Deranged discordant death metal oddballs Pyrrhon made the metal bigtime with Relapse Records releasing this record, The Mother of Virtues. Despite critical acclaim as well as being totally fuckin' brilliant, it apparently didn't sell well and the label dropped them after the record. But that doesn't really matter, the record is still a left-field masterpiece, full of jerky rhythms, surprising spasms of noise, and just an overall total disregard for the conventions of music. I love it.

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