Five Songs, 10/25/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/25/2022

Kraftwerk, "Franz Schubert"

So hypnotic and pleasant.

Jamire Williams, "Wash Me Over Pollock's Pulse"

Goddamn, this rules. I need to find more experimental drummers. I'm sure there are others. Listen to all that brushing! So exciting!

Maggot Heart, "Sex Breath"

One, "Sex Breath" is an incredible song name. Two, a band named Maggot Heart should really be a lot more discordant. It should be filthy, squalid, with the kind of skronks from a guitar that I can't really describe.

The Beautiful South, "My Book"

I've been on a huge Housemartins kick recently, and have also started folding in early Beautiful South into that rotation. And while I really do adore the first Beautiful South album, I do wish that we could have gotten more Housemartins material. Anyway, this is from a single that came out between the first two albums, and it fits right alongside their material from that time, so it's excellent. I wonder if they've ever released any singles comps, that would be worth picking up.

Ugly Duckling, "Keep Movin'"

Ugly Duckling's first few albums were a lot of fun, but their dedication to just kind of making the same battle raps eventually leads to diminished impact. This is very much in the same style, even though it's album five, really kind of says it.

Joshua Buergel
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