Five Songs, 10/26/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/26/2022

They Might Be Giants, "Can't Keep Jonny Down"

John Linnell is probably my favorite songwriter ever, and so it means a lot when I say that "Some dude / Hitting golf balls on the moon / Bathroom in his pants / And he thinks he's better than me" might be my favorite lyric he's ever written.

johnboy, "Chair"

I miss the heyday of noise rock. There were so many bands doing cool shit in the early 90s, and you could just find new stuff all the time. I suppose it might still be happening somewhere still, and I'm just not plugged in enough to find out about it. Is anybody doing a noise rock blog?

Sigil, "Revelations"

If you're a longtime listener/reader of Five Songs, given the information that this is the first track on this record, you're probably thinking that the following tune is going to be some totally obnoxious metal thing. Here's the thing: that's absolutely correct. Kind of a sludge thing, straight out of Alberta.

Flamingosis, "A Mile High"

A little bit funk, a little bit *wave, Flamingosis is one of those bands that sounds old, but in a sort of unspecified kind of way. Sounding at moments like it's from the mid-70s, the early 80s, and the late 80s, it's honestly a slightly disorienting hybrid, but in a good way. Disorienting is a frequent theme around here.

People Under the Stairs, "Trippin' At The Disco"

Meanwhile, People Under the Stairs always sound like they're from the golden age of rap. It's what they're aiming for, and they hit that target every time.

Joshua Buergel
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