Five Songs, 10/27/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/27/2017

I'm delighted by this set today.

The Popgun Seven, "The Waiting Feeling's Fine"

As before, this is truly a strange artifact in the ol' collection. Once again, it's a pretty pleasant listen, and kind of makes me wish that there was more of this around.

Butter 08, "Shut Up"

It's obscure day here at Five Songs! Well, as I mentioned last time, if Russell Simins is involved, I'm there. I mean, come on, listen to this shit! Groovy as hell.

Godflesh, "Head Dirt"

We've encountered Justin Broadrick a couple times, with Jesu and Napalm Death, but here he is with the band he's arguably best known for, Godflesh. Godflesh's Streetcleaner is in the very rare category of albums that I have bought a couple times. I picked it up when folks suggested it as an album for fans of industrial, because it had distorted guitars and a drum machine, I guess. But this stuff is a long, long ways from, say, KMFDM. Pounding and plodding, it did not click with me at all, and I actually got rid of the album.

A couple years later, with my taste in music broadening, I still kept hearing how great the album was, and decided to give it another try. still didn't click. But I didn't get rid of it. Fast forward another few years, and I'm into the Swans now, and give it ANOTHER go, and it really started to sink in. Now, I'll occasionally get in the mood for the grim plod of this record, although it's not clear why.

Prefuse 73, "Let It Ring Ensembles"

This is from the bonus disc that accompanied Preparations, which was called Preparations & Interregnums, although like so many other bonus discs, it's pretty inessential. This is just some atmospheric fuckin' around, for instance.

Naked City, "Dead Spot"

Speaking of fuckin' around. Like some kind of demented evil twin of the "Fingertips" on TMBG's Apollo 18, Naked City is sort of like flipping around the dial on a radio, only instead of static between stations, you get little bits of grindcore.

Joshua Buergel
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