Five Songs, 8/23/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/23/2017

Another day of all bands we've had before. I think that's fun! Here are your repeat offenders!

Napalm Death, "Moral Crusade"

Even though it sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a murky pond, you can still hear what stunned people about Napalm Death's debut. It sounds so extreme, so otherworldly, that it's pretty hard to comprehend at first. Mick Harris's drums, in particular, sound almost incomprehensibly fast.

Farside, "I Hope You're Unhappy"

Farside here are operating in sort of a mid-tempo alternative rock mode, but I still find it enjoyable despite that. I also enjoy it when bands break the fourth wall like this.

Young Hunter, "Pyramid Schemes"

It takes a few minutes to get going, but this is a good example of what the band sounds like on their latest record.

The Flaming Lips, "Be My Head"

As befits any worthwhile band that has lasted a long time, the Flaming Lips have undergone a lot of changes. This song comes from what I think of as their second period, the four album run from In A Priest Driven Ambulance through Clouds Taste Metallic, when they coalesced their crazy noisy psychedelic nonsense of their early years into something actually listenable. This is a reasonably typical song of that period: still fuzzed out and strange, but featuring actual melodies.

Soundgarden, "Head Injury"

Ultramega OK, Soundgarden's debut album, is a great example of the type of record that helped build the grunge scene. More than a little hard rock worship, but combined with punk and energy that the hard rock bands of the time just flat out didn't have. Given how stilted conventional rock of the time was, this was a breath of fresh air, and got people pretty excited.

Joshua Buergel
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