Five Songs, 10/4/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/4/2017

I think it's been a little while since I've mentioned it, so just in case: there's an index of all these entries if you want to check it out. And here's today's music.

Wilco, "Let's Not Get Carried Away"

And we're back to Alpha Mike Foxtrot, that Wilco rarities collection. Seems like we're hitting it a lot. So I checked: just a tiny bit under 40% of all the Wilco songs in my collection are from that rarities collection. This has been One Useless Fact to go with your Five Songs. Anyway, this song was originally on Sky Blue Sky in a different form.

Jamire Williams, "Truth Remains Constant"

This is the solo debut for Williams, an album constructed almost entirely out of his percussion. And I love it. I've always been fascinated by the drums, and to have it be centered in music is a rare treat. May he make many more albums!

Car Bomb, "Lights Out"

Extreme metal band Car Bomb are playing something that kind of combines the robotic precision riffing of Meshuggah with something maybe more prog? Hard to say. Maybe sort of math rock-y? A bit Dillinger Escape Plan? I dunno, I'm at a lose. This song is not atypical for this album, though.

Sicko, "The Dateless Losers"

Hey, I sit around and eat ice cream, crack jokes and watch some bad TV. I a dateless loser?

Front 242, "Angst"

We've run into industrial dance a few times around these parts, but now we come to the chilly Belgian masters of the form, Front 242. I was big into these guys for a few years, for reasons that aren't totally clear to me at this remove. It's not like any particular song of theirs was really memorable. But listen to them I did, and I bought a bunch of (very similar) albums. I guess I liked the atmosphere of everything? This song isn't really a song at all, just a sampled televangelist (a favorite trope of industrial dance bands). I guess we'll wait for them to show up properly at some point to explore their music. This comes from Official Version, which I remember as one of their better albums.

Joshua Buergel
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