Five Songs, 10/5/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/5/2017

Here's today's music.

Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats, "Ezuku Buzo"

This song comes to us courtesy of the compilation Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump, an exploration into the funk and afrobeat coming out of Nigeria. I don't really know that much about the scene, but this compilation is excellent.

Mule, "Mississippi Breaks"

Midwestern band Mule were veterans of several previous bands, and came together to play something that sounds something like Midwest punk combined with Southern rock. I like most of the music on this album, but never really got along that well with the vocals, so I never really listened to it all that much. Oh, and looking at this record, the second song is called "What Every White Nigger Knows", so, yeah. Didn't remember that.

Squarepusher, "Snake Pass"

This track comes from Selection Thirteen, and is about as straightforward as Squarepusher ever gets. Just a straight ahead pounding rhythm.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Happy Death Theme"

This song was added as a bonus track to the CD release of The Men Who Loved Music. As I had previously owned that album on cassette before wearing it out, when I bought the CD, I was delighted to see some extra stuff added. And it's a really good song!

They Might Be Giants, "Mainstream U.S.A."

A throwaway track from a throwaway collection of miscellaneous B-sides called Giants Jubilee, which was an attempt to get people to start downloading music (legally).

Joshua Buergel
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