Five Songs, 10/6/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/6/2021

Eggs, "Erin Go Bragh!"

Hmm. Time to find out what the translation of "erin go bragh" actually is, a phrase that I know only from associations, and not what it actually means. "Ireland to the end of time", neat!

J Church, "The Versace Killer"

From Cat Food, a mini-album that features some new tracks, a couple re-workings, an Electric Light Orchestra cover ("Turn To Stone"), and the usual commitment to rocking from J Church.

The Orb, "Blue Room (remix)"

I've been sitting here for three minutes, and I'm not sure what to say here. It's ambient house. It all kinda sounds like this.

Crystallized Movements, "This Dimming Today"

This is the first real song on Revelations from Pandemonium, Crystallized Movements' masterpiece. The big washes of psychedelic guitar, the dreamy, kinda garbled vocals, the distant, thin drums, it all adds up to a beautiful whole. I highly recommend this record. Might be hard to find, though, it's not on Spotify.

Uncle Tupelo, "Fall Down Easy"

The question of which is the best Uncle Tupelo record is actually pretty difficult. In the times I've seen the discussion, I think I've seen all four records defended by various folks. Most of the time, I pick No Depression, as the groundbreaking one (and the first one I heard), but there are times I'd go for this one (Still Feel Gone). It's very much in the same vein, but it's a bit more refined, a bit more confident.

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