Five Songs, 11/11/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/11/2020

The Jam, "Private Hell"

The middle album of the Jam's peak trio, Setting Sons, is probably the slickest and most commercial sounding of the three. While the songs are of course fantastic, the overall approach makes it my least favorite of those three records. But just to be clear, it's still a fantastic record, I just liste to the other two albums a little more often.

Powerrun, "In A Dream"

Powerrun is a *wave band, maybe a synthwave band? I can keep decent track of metal microgenres, but I get out of my depth pretty fast with electronic stuff, even though I listen to a fair bit of it. ANyway, this is just a little trifle, but it's a fun record.

Tomb Mold, "Beg For Life"

Tomb Mold's 2019 album, Planetary Clairvoyance, showed up on a lot of metal best-of-year lists. This is just pure knuckle-dragging death metal, which means I judge it basically on the riffs. And this is just headbanging fun. The vocals are ridiculous, as always for death metal, but I've gotten used to this kind of thing. I probably shouldn't be, mind you. Anyway, I don't listen to a ton of death metal, but I do spin this every now and again.

Amon Tobin, "Hey Blondie"

Have we had a lot of Amon Tobin recently? Seems like we have. I could check, but I'm not going to. "Five Songs: We Do The Minimum" (we bargained it down from Ten Songs).

Eddie Floyd, "Knock On Wood"

The title track to Floyd's excellent 1967 debut album, it's hard not to fall in love with the horns on the hook. I actually encountered it a long time ago, via the sample in Renegade Soundwave's "Biting My Nails".

Joshua Buergel
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