Five Songs, 11/15/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/15/2019


Super bitchin' day today.

X-Ecutioners, "3 Boroughs"

Built From Scratch really is just a fantastic name for an album.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, "Insatiable Two"

I love the Trail of Dead, but can we just talk about the album cover. That is some middle school-ass shit right there! I'm gonna bet without looking that it was done by either a band member or a family member of the band.

Don Caballero, "Rollerblade Success Story"

Gettin' pretty proggy in here! While we've gone from the loose art-rock pretensions of the Trail of Dead, to the laser focused aggression of Don Caballero, we're still looking at music that is striving to reach beyond the limits of just pure rock. I'm glad I get to listen to shit like this. Solid day so far!

La Gritona, "Victory At Sea"


If you're going to name a song "Victory At Sea", it better kick this much ass. I should really be listening to this on a big fuckin' stereo, in the dark, near a window that rattles a little bit and with a glass of shitty scotch and day old piece of fried chicken. No sides. Not in a basement with a glass of lemoncello. But, whatever.

Janitor Joe, "Limited Edition"

OK, today was a good day. Janitor Joe was one of the lesser known Amphetamine Reptile Records bands, putting out a couple of noise rock albums in the early 90s before breaking up, with band members going on to other bands (most notably, Hole). Like most of the Amphetamine Reptile catalog, this stuff is pretty much forgotten, but the label is a big part of my personal musical history, so I love it when this kind of thing gets dragged up.

If I had time to do the research, a deep dive into Amphetamine Reptile would be a fantastic project.

Joshua Buergel
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