Five Songs, 11/16/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/16/2019


Still on that train!

Merle Haggard, "Go Home"

Well, I certainly like to kick things off with a story about how a guy's racist friends broke up his relationship. Just some real cheerful shit here!

The Coup, "Me And Jesus the Pimp In a '79 Grenada Last Night"

Oh, it's gonna be like that? Let's follow up that song with a kid whose relationships were totally warped by his mentorship from a pimp, who later beats his mother to death. Heartwarming!

This song does show The Coup at their best, telling unflinching stories but with sympathy for the people who were dealt a bad hand.

Can't wait to find out what song shuffle digs up next. Maybe we can get a dead dog now?

Man Or Astro-Man?, "9 Volt"

Right, here we have the tragic tale of...honestly, I looked at the lyrics, and I don't think there's much going on. I do like the phrase "9 volt tongue", evoking as it does when my sisters used to use me as a battery tester.

Outkast, "Infatuation (Interlude)"

I'm never really sure what to say about interludes. Uh.

Ennio Morricone, "Ave Maria Guarani"

Well, that little theme we had for two songs really fell apart pretty fast, eh? And I didn't even get a chance to try and weave this Morricone tune with Man or Astro-Man?, what with the total lack of connection between them, even though there are some combinations I could do that with. So inconsiderate!

Joshua Buergel
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