Five Songs, 11/15/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/15/2020

Priests, "Youtube Sartre"

This is a fantastic song name, and I'm afraid to search to see if there is anybody who refers to themselves as this. I hope not!

Canibus, "Get Retarded"

Canibus mostly made battle rap, and this track kind of gives you more or less the full range of his subject matter on this album (called Can-I-Bus). He never really evolved from here, and I didn't follow him after this album.

Dianogah, "What Is Your Landmass?"

Are you listening to this and thinking "that sounds like it is from Chicago!"? Congratulations! You've probably been listening to too much Five Songs! Dianogah play post-rock with the extremely fun lineup of two bassists and a drummer. As always, lineup experimentation is always welcome around here.

Kool and the Gang, "Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)"

Goddamn. So smooth. Tempted to just stop the blog at four songs today and just go sit down somewhere to chill. I will not, though, because I'm a fuckin' professional.

Propagandhi, "Cop Just Out Of Frame"

It was a real surprise that Propagandhi popped back up with a new album in 2017, and it was a bigger surprise that it was pretty good. They are playing it pretty straight, but nothing wrong with some plain old punk.

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