Five Songs Guest Post, 11/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs Guest Post, 11/15/2021


Folks, we've got a special thing today! Our first ever Five Songs Guest Post! That's right! For the first time ever, Five Songs is an actual "we" instead of a royal "we"! This guest track listing was provided by Col. Hector Bravado, founder of Breakup Gaming Society, home to America's Least Responsible Board Game Podcast. Riff with him on Twitter (@T1ChiefRocka) or listen. We're going all instrumental today, and now I'm going to turn over the mic!

Rene Hall, "Twitchy"

The sound they got out of this guitar is perfect and that old-truck-flying-down-a-bumpy-road percussion utterly transports me. This, "Stinkey" (Bo Diddley) and "Rebel Rouser" (Duane Eddy) are my ruling troika of ‘50s instrumentals.

They Might Be Giants, "Space Suit"

TMBG cap the brilliant Apollo 18 album with this theramin-and-accordion delicacy. At about 90 seconds, it doesn’t stay long enough to seduce, but it’s pretty enough to keep looking at. Clever and wistful.

Mouse on Mars, "Pinwheel Herman"

In the middle of track after track of digital hiccupping and squelch, Mouse decide to wed their usual tricks to the spirit of an ‘80s R&B pop song and make the hands-down best track of the 1999 Niun Nugging LP. Feels like what would happen if Nu Shooz had gotten together on a space station ten years after "I Can’t Wait."

Chemical Brothers, "Loops of Fury"

In the pause between their debut (Exit Planet Dust) and sophomore (Dig Your Own Hole) LPs, they hit us in the teeth with the Loops of Fury EP, four songs of blazing, Big Beat domination. The leadoff track still thrills as much as the first day I heard it.

Violator, "Ordered to Thrash"

Technically not a pure instrumental, because there is one word in there. It’s "thrash." And it’s not a fucking suggestion.

[Editor's note: That was fun! If somebody else wants to give it a whack, let me know!]

Joshua Buergel
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