Five Songs, 11/16/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/16/2021


I've got bad news folks. You're stuck with me again. Sad times! If anybody out there wants to have a whack at this thing, I guess just let me know.

Floor, "Downed Star"

This song, with the distant, buried vocals and deliberately thin drums, sounds a lot like an old Crystalized Movements track, which is something nobody else is going to care about. But I think it's neat! And if you like this, hit up that link and see if you like their stuff.

Kraftwerk, "Europe Endless"

This is how Trans-Europe Express opens, the most complete Kraftwerk album, and a record that set the template for so much electronic music that followed. Kraftwerk's image in the US is that of a robotic, Teutonically perfect band creating machine-like music, but that's just a deeply unfair caricature. What made Kraftwerk brilliant is that they could take their electronics and create something essentially warm and human out of them. If you've never really listened to this album, please, I'm begging you to try it.

MU330, "Hi My Name Is John"

Hmm, the opposite of a ten minute electronic, meditative pop song might just be 46 seconds of ska-punk.

The Delgados, "Favours"

Delightful stuff! I think The Great Eastern is a little better, but this record (Hate) smokes as well. Got some good stuff today!

The Notorious B.I.G., "My Downfall"

Do rappers still do voicemail tracks? I feel like they're basically gone. I suppose because voicemail isn't really a thing any more.

Joshua Buergel
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