Five Songs, 11/2/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/2/2020

Flying Lotus, "Takashi"

It's a little hard to describe Flying Lotus accurately. "Electronic" feels wholly inadequate. "Fusion" is accurate, yes, but also feels like it's not really highlighting what he's fusing. There's lots of jazz and experimental electronic music here, some funk...just kind of lots of everything. It's great! But hard to describe. Luckily, you can just listen to it.

The Mekons, "Wicked Midnite"

I don't always have a ton to say about bands. The Mekons were good!

Yazz Ahmed, "Misophenia"

Yazz Ahmed is a British-Bahraini trumpeter who mixes Middle Eastern musical traditions with a thing I could say if I was qualified to talk about this. Oh look, the track is over!

Of Montreal, "Peacock Parasols"

I could have SWORN that this album was on Elephant 6, but it's not! I was gearing up for a whole rant about how, among the very twee cast of bands on Elephant 6, one band out-twee'd them all, but it's totally worthless now. Uh, uh...ok, how's often said that Elephant 6, indie pop juggernauts, was also one of the greatest twee factories on the planet, but Of Montreal made them all look like Motorhead. (nailed it)

The White Stripes, "Icky Thump"

After heading off into more experimental realms with Get Behind Me Satan, the White Stripes came back to basics with Icky Thump, which I keep typing as Icky Thumb, which is something totally different. Anyway, it's heavy, more rock-oriented, and often more in-line with De Stijl than anything else.

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