Five Songs, 11/28/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/28/2017

Pretty experimental today.

Death Grips, "Black Quarterback"

From the double album The Powers That B, as with most things Death Grips, this is pretty singular. It's really unclear what you'd call this, other than experimental. Maybe Dadaist?

Tilt, "Small Bills"

This comes from Play Cell, a pop-punk album on Lookout distinguishable primarily for the rarity of a female singer in a scene where you didn't find very many of them. It's a decent album, but not great, and somehow I ended up with four albums from them.

PDQ Bach, "Door Prize Scene: Fanfare For Fred"

From Music For An Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion, PDQ Bach is the nom de musique of Peter Schickele, who constructed an entire ridiculous persona and recorded a bunch of albums of PDQ Bach's compositions. Part sketch comedy, part farce, part classical in-joke, Schickele managed to make several very entertaining and groan worthy albums. This, alas, is just one of the sketch bits on an album.

The Mars Volta, "El Ciervo Vulnerado"

The closer of Amputechture, this is a nine minute song that is all foreplay, and no release. It still captures an essence of the Mars Volta, though.

DJ Logic, "Flat As A Board"

An album recorded with a trio of bass, drums, and turntable, along with a bunch of guests? Yes please! The intersection of jazz and hip-hop has always been super fertile, ranging back to the Native Tongues hip-hop acts and continuing forward throughout music since then. This is more towards the jazz end of things, and is pretty delightful.

Joshua Buergel
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