Five Songs, 11/30/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/30/2017

Rap heavy today.

Common, "The 6th Sense"

First appearance for Common here, this coming from his masterpiece, Like Water For Chocolate. With production from a bunch of underground greats, Common put everything together and made a landmark of underground rap that brought back the feel of the Native Tongues bands. While it might run on a bit too long, it's still a huge pleasure to listen to, so smooth and assured.

I've also discovered that my rip of this album has scrambled song titles on it, so that's fun.

Girl Talk, "Triple Double"

Like listening to two radios at the same time that are magically in sync. I love hearing Ludacris in these things.

Spring Heeled Jack, "Running Man (Lookin' Thru The Mirror)"

Note, for anybody who cared: there's an electronic band called Spring Heel Jack which is distinct from this forgotten third-wave band. At times, it was confusing trying to keep them apart. Yes, this is utterly useless.

Amogh Symphony, "Consume ectoplasm before it runs, resume chakras because it burns"

Yup, this is still a strange project. This is just a couple of minutes of random-ass noise in between longer songs (?) on this record.

(NB: this track begins at 7:49 in the linked video, and goes for 1:44. I don't know how to link portions of a video in a playlist, sorry.)

Eminem, "I'm Shady"

You know, I never went past his first record. Everybody presumably has an opinion on Eminem, so I won't go on too long here, but apparently my opinion is that simple: I didn't feel like I needed more than one Eminem record in my life.

Joshua Buergel
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