Five Songs, 11/3/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/3/2021

Boris, "Flower Sun Rain"

This is apparently a cover, which I hadn't really realized before. Smile, the album that opens with this song, is on the more accessible end of Boris's work. There are plenty of vocals on the record, plenty of things that are recognizable melodies, and generally not as much of the harsh noise. That's not to say that it's easy listening or anything, just that in the context of their career, it's pretty approchable.

The Alkaholiks, "Flashback"

Party people in the house! Dig that West coast funk party vibe, y'all! There's a certain elemental appeal in this kind of thing that stands outside of trends. There have been plenty of fashions in hip-hop over the years, and some of them haven't aged particularly well. But stuff that's rooted fundamentally in this style still sounds as good as when it was made.

The Microphones, "Map"

Got some long songs here today. No observation there, just - huh, that's a thing. Finding patterns in the randomness around here is one of the ways that we pass time, like finding shapes in clouds but way stupider.

Jean Grae, "What Would I Do"

From her debut record, in 2002, which is an outstanding album. Unfortunately, due to record company woes, Grae wasn't able to release a lot of records, with some getting tied up in limbo for years. She eventually retired in 2008, although she later came back a decade later to release an excellent collaboration with Quelle Chris.

Liars, "Grown Men Don't Fall In The River, Just Like That"

The debut record from Liars is unabashedly arty, chipped from the same block as the Nation of Ulysses. There's plenty of Wire and Gang of Four here, but they aren't afraid to just fly their freak flag when they want. Notably, this otherwise tight and pummelling record ends with a thirty minute wandering freakout. But up until then, it's a delight.

Joshua Buergel
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