Five Songs, 11/4/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/4/2021

Nine Inch Nails, "Just Like You Imagined"

I think I've blathered on about The Fragile before, so you can hit up the tags over there and do some spelunking. Or not! But, the novel (?) observation I can make is that as time goes on, this album gets better to me relative to his other work, and at this point, I think it might be his best album. Or my favorite, anyway. Same thing!

Hyborian, "Blood for Blood"

The Hyborian Age is the time period that the Conan stories are set in, so stealing some imagery from there makes total sense. And this is real meat-and-potatoes metal, big riffs and yelling, so evoking something as sweaty as Conan again fits. And the backwards vocals? Great stuff.

Mix Master Mike, "Well Wicked"

I think the menacing thrum of the bassline superimposed across the flanged scratching here really makes a nice contrast, this is good stuff.

Wilco, "I Love My Label"

This song originally appeared as a b-side for "I Might", a single from The Whole Love, one of the stronger post-peak Wilco albums. This is from Alpha Mike Foxtrot, the four-disc collection of rarities, b-sides, alternates, and outtakes that is absolutely worth it if you're a fan of the band. But get The Whole Love first if you haven't paid much attention to them after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Souls of Mischief, "Mama Knows Best"

Good set today! All right, let's pack it in, folks!

Joshua Buergel
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