Five Songs, 11/5/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/5/2021

Can, "Mother Upduff"

I still kind of lament Unlimited Edition being the first record I ever heard from Can. It's so scattered, as befits an outtake compilation, that it's hard to really appreciate it without the context of already loving the band. I decided to just ignore Can for another couple decades at that point, and I could have been listening to them that whole time. Big mistake!

Knxwledge, "kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro"

Yes, I copied and pasted that from Plex. I ain't typin' all that!

Charles Mingus, "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"

It's hundreds of thousands of years in the future. The bears, heirs to civilization, have finally evolved to the point of exploring the ruins of humanity. Upon their invention of hot air balloons, they can finally look down upon the earth from above, a perspective that has opened new vistas of exploration. As their scientists begin collating data from these new views, patterns start to become clear. Combining their gradually increasing knowledge of human writing, it becomes clear: the pattern of tree growth retains some noisy vestiges of unnatural manipulation. In painstaking detail, glyphs are finally pulled from the surrounding forests, and they are confronted with a new mystery. What in the hell does "JOSH DOESN'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT JAZZ" even mean?

The Beatles, "You Can't Do That"

Hmm. I wonder what The Beatles, Except Bears would look like.

[picturing it]

Oh my god. I wish I were better at photoshop.

Felt, "Felt Chewed Up"

I kinda wish that Felt would do another album. I think Murs and Atmosphere are pretty loose during these things, and it results in a playful feel to everything that sometimes gets lost in both artists' recent work. Not that they're bad, but sometimes it's ok to have a more relaxed thing too.

Joshua Buergel
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