Five Songs, 11/4/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/4/2020

Homeboy Sandman, "Name"

I first encountered Homebody Sandman through his (excellent) collaboration with Edan. I liked it enough to pick up his next record, Dusty, which I also enjoy. Lots of jazzy loops providing a great backdrop for his flows, which are a good time.

David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"

I'm not a Bowie scholar (I find myself saying a lot what kind of scholar I am not around here!). I have tried to stick to just some of his essential albums. In practice, for Bowie, that means I have five albums, Low being one of them. I'm not sure what else to say about it, other than it's one of his essential albums.

Jurassic 5, "Canto De Ossanha"

Feedback was Jurassic 5's grab at the brass ring, a deliberate attempt to create a radio-friendly hit record. Cut Chemist had already left, and they brought in a bunch of guest producers to try and create some magic. None of it really hangs together, and it's just a personality-free mishmash, easily their worst record. The record ending DJ track, this one, is pretty good, though.

Royal Trux, "Junkie Nurse"

I'm basically immune to the supposed charms of Royal Trux. I take people at their word when they claim to like them, but this just sounds half-assed to me, not raw or brave or whatever.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Talk About The Blues"

Oh, hell yeah, shuffle. See, Jon Spencer can do the rough and raw stuff and have it shine with personality. It's more than obvious where all the fun stuff from Pussy Galore went. This, of course, is much more realized than the previous track, but who do you want to hear more of? That's right, the blues is #1!

Joshua Buergel
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