Five Songs, 11/5/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/5/2020

The Police, "King Of Pain"

By the time Synchronicity came out, the Police were really out of gas. There are some fine pop songs on it, but lots of filler, and even the good songs are kind of tame compared to some of their previous songs. I really liked this album a lot back when it came out, but find myself listening to it only very rarely now.

Budos Band, "Old Engine Oil"

There are about three seconds at the beginning of this song when you think it's going to be a classic rock vamp. But then the horns kick in, and it's a regular Budos vamp. But with some classic rock touches here and there in the guitar, which is a lot of fun. It kicks off another classic record from the Budos Band, an album which dials back the psych stuff from Burnt Offering just a little bit. It ends up being right in the middle for their albums, behind Burnt Offering and I, but ahead of III and II. I haven't placed Long in the Tooth yet, but I think it winds up probably right around III somewhere.

Amogh Symphony, "Osir"

Amogh Symphony are experimental metal from Mumbai, but they don't really fit neatly into any genre categories. As you might guess from this little atmospheric piece here. We'll discuss more next time we get something with some more substance.

Beulah, "Don't Forget To Breathe"

While Beulah only put out one record on Elephant 6, there's still some of that unmistakable Elephant 6 sound to them, especially in the vocals. A friend has a theory that every Beulah record sounds like them ripping off another band (except for The Coast Is Never Clear). Specifically, he thinks this one (Yoko) is just ripping off Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I can't argue with that, but honestly, I'm OK with it. I can use more YHF in my life, even if it's just a knock-off.

HELL ORBS, "Dick Dimension"

This blog is fucked up, in the seventh dimension.

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