Five Songs, 11/6/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/6/2020

Two Fingers, "Moth Rhythm"

Most of the tracks on the Amon Tobin side project feature Sway rapping on them, but this is one of the two songs that does not. As a result, this just sounds like an Amon Tobin song. Contemplative for him, sure, but still a Tobin song. Not that that is a bad thing.

British Sea Power, "Be Gone"

British Sea Power play pretty nuts-and-bolts indie rock. This is from their second album, which doesn't show a ton of evolution from the first record. It's good, but I'm not sure it's super memorable.

The Twilight Singers, "I'm Ready"

The Twilight Singers started as a side project for the Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli, but after the Whigs stopped, they became his main band. And they more or less continued in the same vein, which isn't that surprising given it was Dulli writing the songs and singing on both. In particular, the Twilight Singers keep the drama and often oppressive feeling that was the Whigs' stock-in-trade. Nothing that they've done has risen to Congregation or Gentlemen, but it's all good.

Less Than Jake, "My Money Is On The Long Shot"

Here I was, all prepared to say that this was a track from their last album, 2013's See The Light. It sounds pretty much exactly like Less Than Jake. There's a comforting similarity across their nine albums (depending on how you count the various comps). If you like what they're serving up, good news, there's plenty more! They're the AC/DC of ska-punk.

But! Allmusic lists a 2020 release, Silver Linings! And looking further, it looks like it's going to be released next month, so that's cool! Also, I forgot about a 2017 EP which I own, so I'm just an idiot.

Xasthur, "Purgatory Spiral"

Whatever, Xasthur. Not in the mood for anything atmospheric like this.

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