Five Songs, 11/9/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/9/2020

Squarepusher, "Come On My Selector"

Early Squarepusher is very much drum 'n' bass, albeit pretty frantic even for a genre known for punishing tempos. Squarepusher is still primarily cutting up the Amen break for the drums, for instance. You can hear his bass playing front and center here, of course, and it's great despite being firmly in a genre. This EP, Big Loada, would kind of mark the last of the pure drum 'n' bass, as the next album found him heading in a much more marked fusion direciton.

Robbie Hill's Family Affair, "I Just Want To Be (Like Myself)"

Seattle, represent! If nobody has looped that horn from this record, they should.

Lollipop, "Stroker Ace"

There was a mini-boomlet in garage rock in the mid-90s, as an adjacent scene to grunge. Lollipop recorded a couple of albums of just pure garage shit for Amphetamine Reptile Records without making too much of an impact, and disappearing. Most garage rock, even at its worst, is still pretty listenable. The primitive nature works for it.

Elite Beat, "The Triplitizer"

We don't get a lot of dub around here. That's because I'm not a huge dub guy. When you look at the ska:rocksteady:reggae:dub continuum, I tend to prefer things towards the left. That said, I do enjoy my occasional foray into dub, as a relaxing, kind of trace-like thing for me. Anyway, Elite Beat is mostly dub, but the live horns and stuff add a lot of interest.

Rites of Spring, "For Want Of"

Rites of Spring are, today, mostly known as "the band Guy Picciotto was in before Fugazi". Which, you know, is true, but glosses past the fact that Rites of Spring were fantastic (and is also Brendan Canty erasure, which is unacceptable around here). Rites of Spring were one of the very first bands to play something we would recognize as emo, and tons of following bands took direct inspiration from them. Their one album is absolutely worth listening to, and still sounds great after all this time.

Joshua Buergel
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