Five Songs, 12/11/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/11/2019

Sam & Dave, "Said I Wasn't Going To Tell Nobody"

Seems like it's been a long time since we've had any Stax stuff up in here. So, it's a delight to get some Sam & Dave, which I just tried to write Save & Dam. Which is a solid name, and is officially my Sam & Dave cover band.

The Reigning Sound, "Wait and See"

I remember buying this record, and I can remember repeatedly sorting it into the correct place in the old CD collection, and I can even recall pulling it out on multiple occasions and listening to it. And I have no recollection of what it sounds like. My stupid brain keeps thinking that it's like The Hold Steady, and it's not really.

I've already forgotten this song.

Danny Weinkauf, "Archaeology"

Danny Weinkauf is the long-time bassist for They Might Be Giants, and he's recorded several kids' records. If you've heard his couple of songs on the TMBG kids' records (he usually has a song on each of them, such as "I Am a Paleontologist" or "Where Do They Make Balloons?"), you'll basically know what these sound like. Or, I suppose, you could listen to this.

High on Fire, "Interlude"

Just the other day, talking about Slabdragger, I mentioned High on Fire. So, here's the original: again, please, if you're not in a basement, I'll have to ask you to stop listening and wait until you are in one so you can properly enjoy Matt Pike's guitar work here.

Booker T. & the MGs, "Boot-Leg"

During my Spotify year-end roundup (I mostly use Spotify in the car and when I'm cooking in the kitchen), four of my top five bands for the year were instrumental funk or soul: the Meters, the Du-Rites, the Budos Band, and Booker T. & the MGs. And, honestly, I cannot recommend that approach highly enough. Just good vibes all the time.

Joshua Buergel
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