Five Songs, 12/12/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/12/2018

A bit scattered today.

Dog Faced Hermans, "Love Is The Heart Of Everything"

"Anarchist" is always kind of an interesting descriptor when applied to a band. For whatever reason, there are some bands where that's called out for them, and I'm sitting here thinking that I've pretty much liked every band I've ever encountered that has been described as anarchist. The Dog Faced Hermans, for instace. I'm looking at this list of anarchist-punk bands from Wikipedia (of course there's a list on Wikipedia), and it's pretty bitchin', even if I question the inclusion of some bands. Black Flag! The Dead Kennedys! Napalm Death! NoMeansNo! Propagandhi! That's some good shit, y'all.

Public Enemy, "Harder Than You Think"

The beat is kind of fun on this song, with that super forward horn riff, but the effects on the vocals don't mesh with it, and it kind of sounds like Chuck is rapping on top of a different song. Overall, it's just kind of a mess.

The Bar-Kays, "Son of Shaft"

Just, filthy. The original, of course, is a landmark of funk, and this is very much a sequel. But, that guitar line, the horn blasts, the flute, it's just too much, y'all.

Flanger, "Inner Spacesuit"

Keepin' it cool, Plex. Somewhere between jazz and electronic music, Flanger is all spacey percussion and little synth lines. While they have a little bit of a tendency to melt into the background, it's all very well done, and this album (Outer Space/Inner Space) is very good.

Chokebore, "It Could Ruin Your Day"

It's like, how much more 90s indie rock could this be? And the answer is none. None more 90s indie.

Joshua Buergel
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