Five Songs, 12/17/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/17/2018

Confidential to Megan: there's a playlist on Plexasaurus Rex for today! For the rest of you, you have to first put up with my crap for about 25 years, and then you can have a private playlist. In the mean time, you can at least get the YouTube-ized version.

Pussy Galore, "Dick Johnson"

There are lots of moments, especially on Dial 'M' for Motherfucker, where Pussy Galore presented the vision which Jon Spencer would bring to full fruition with the Jon Spencer Blue Explosion. There's a pretty straight line from this song to the tunes on the first JSBX album, for instance. Those are also invariably the most interesting Pussy Galore songs.

Quasi, "Ape Self Prevails In Me Still"

I've lamented how few duos there are in indie rock, but here's another one: Quasi features Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag) on drums and Sam Coomes (who has collaborated with a bunch of bands in the Pacific Northwest) on everything else. Weiss is always a delight, so this is fun stuff.

House of Rhythm, "Sign of the Times"

Sometimes, I have nothing to say.

The Newcomers, "You Put The Sunshine Back In My World"

That is a seriously elaborate arrangement on this song. How many parts are going on here? When Stax goes all-in on the strings like this, I sort of feel like they're not really at their best. Not that this is a bad song or anything, but it feels kind of workshopped.

Robyn Hitchcock, "College of Ice"

Pretty sure last time we got Hitchcock, I complained that I didn't really get him. So I won't do that again. I'll just say that I actually really kind of like this song. It doesn't go anywhere in particular, but it's very pleasant in not getting there.

Joshua Buergel
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