Five Songs, 12/18/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/18/2018

Today's play list!

Otis Redding, "She Put The Hurt On Me"

There's so much to love about this song. The rubbery bass especially on the chorus, the interplay between the horns and the organ, and of course Redding's always great vocal performance. It's hard to pick Redding's best record, but I think I'd take Complete & Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul as first among equals.

Your Old Droog, "Help"

One of my favorite discoveries from 2017 was Your Old Droog's second album, Packs. Coming out of the East Coast, his vocals frequently are compared to Nas, which makes sense in terms of delivery, and the beats on his record have a sort of psychedelic feel to them. When I first heard it, it reminded me a lot of Edan, which turns out to be for good reason as he worked with Edan on a couple of tracks (including this one). The overall feel is just square in my wheelhouse.

Naked City, "Torture Garden"

This, honestly, is one of the most coherent songs on Torture Garden. However, it's still only 39 seconds, so there's only so much I can really say about it.

Smut Peddlers, "Josie"

Among the most embarrassing records in my collection, I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to pick this record up back in the day. The central gimmick of this record, that of just being wall-to-wall raunch, palls pretty quickly. Basically, they never manage to make any kind of case as to why you'd listen to this instead of Too $hort.

Jessamine, "It's Cold In Space"

Jessamine were always kind of spaced out and drone-y, and this is the spaciest-out and drone-iest thing on The Long Arm of Coincidence. That section in the middle that's just that pure bit of synth is dragged out far enough to make you wonder a little bit if your CD player is stuck. You know, if you were playing this on a CD player.

Joshua Buergel
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