Five Songs, 12/17/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/17/2017

Today starts out as slow as it gets, but don't worry, that part doesn't last long.

TV On The Radio, "Black"

Yes, it's another 15 seconds of silence. TV On The Radio is, thus far, by far the clubhouse leader in "Most Annoying Contributions to Five Songs".

(NB: I searched for "fifteen seconds of silence" and put that in the playlist instead of, you know, TV On The Radio's fifteen seconds of silence. Think of it as a cover version.)

Boris with Merzbow, "Just Abandoned My-Self"

We have had neither Boris nor Merzbow in this space before, but here we have both! Briefly: Boris are a long running metal-ish band out of Japan who started out as Melvins worship doom metal (their name, in fact, is taken from the song "Boris" on Bullhead) and continued evolving into one of the more interesting rock bands around. Merzbow is another Japanese artist, a fixture in the extreme music underground who has been making noise (literally, his genre is usually just considered "noise") for decades now. The collaboration between the bands has now encompassed four albums, with the resulting music being pretty interesting, with Boris's songs providing some structure for Merzbow to add a layer of noise. This comes from Rock Dream, which is a live album from the two acts. It can be exhausting to listen to in one go, but I do like it a lot.

Yo La Tengo, "The Crying of Lot G"

Phew, that was tiring! Let's have a quiet number! Yo La Tengo will fit the bill nicely, as it's one of their peaceful songs instead of one of their own noise freakouts.

The Ocean, "Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses"

This is another track from the pretension bomb that is Pelagial, this time one of the vocal tracks. We're fairly high up in the ocean layers this time!

The Apples in Stereo, "Please"

The dog has some stuffed apples that are, frankly, uncanny resemblances. It's to the point where I almost yell at her every time I see her with one of them. They're not in stereo, though. They squeak, but only in mono.

Joshua Buergel
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