Five Songs, 12/19/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/19/2020

Mephiskapheles, "Satanic Debris"

As a statement of purpose for a band, it doesn't get a whole lot stronger than this one. From the opening backwards masked vocals, to the dark lyrics, the subtle distortion of the guitar lending some additional menace, to the hallmark solo trading, you just have a perfect encapsulation of the (wonderful) Mephiskapheles aesthetic. The odds that a band named Mephiskapheles would turn in one of the finest albums of the third wave seems slim, but God Bless Satan is legitimately a treasure.

Rogue Wave, "Every Moment"

I ran out of things to say about Rogue Wave a couple tracks ago.

Tortoise, "The Lithium Stiffs"

This track from Tortoise kind of sounds like it's come from a collage artist, with vocal samples and glitches going on, instead of the usual post-rock. It's not a bad thing, but it's sort of a different vibe.

Swallowed, "Reverence Through Darkness"

Swallowed plays something between death and doom metal, and caught some good reviews when it came out. Honestly, it hasn't really stood out for me. For metal of this sort, there's got to be something that has to really make it stick in my head, but there's something kind of by-the-numbers about this album. It's fine, but it doesn't excite me that much.

Gorilla Biscuits, "Start Today"

NY hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits didn't last long, just a couple records, but were an infuential band in the scene, as one of the bigger straight edge bands around. For my money, their most important legacy is that Walter Schreifels went on to lead Quicksand, but Gorilla Biscuits is still fun to listen to.

Joshua Buergel
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