Five Songs, 12/20/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/20/2020

Tuxedo, "So Good"

It is so good, Tuxedo, you're right.

Swarvy, "Lesson With Julian"

Kiiiinda regretting not writing more for that first track.

Has-Lo, "Utero"

Well, on track here for the shortest Five Songs entry ever, at least by word count. Maybe by running time also, I don't know. I'd have to actually do some research to figure that out, and that is absolutely not going to happen.

Cynic, "Celestial Voyage"

Cynic's 1993 album Focus is one of the foundational documents of progressive metal, as they took death metal and mashed it up with prog and jazz, resulting in an album that was very, very far out there for the time. The constant showy playing can get kind of exhausting, honestly, but it's hard not to at least respect what they're up to here. They actually put just this album out, which would have been an impressive one-record legacy...before ruining that by reforming 15 years later. I have not listened to any post-reunion records, though.

Sonic Youth, "Schizophrenia"

The opening track of the brilliant Sister, the record where Sonic Youth completed their evolution from a great art/noise band to a great rock band (with plenty of noise still along for the ride). This album can get a little lost in the shuffle, sandwiched as it is with the pivotal record EVOL (their first great record) and the epochal Daydream Nation, but it's truly incredible in its own right.

Joshua Buergel
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