Five Songs, 12/20/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/20/2019

Elvis Costello, "Just a Memory"

The deluxe reissues of Costello's albums are mostly not worth it. There are some highlights from the bonus material, but you're just better off listening to the actual album again.

Matthew Sweet, "Looking at the Sun"

This entire album is just so charming. It's really hard to think about how it might possibly be improved, this is just power pop perfection.

Dead Kennedys, "Kill The Poor"

Now we're talkin'! Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is a singular achievement: deeply political, savagely sarcastic, fantastically well-written, and simultaneously both alien and incredibly familiar. It's one of the albums that really kicked off hardcore, and judging by the kids walking around in Kennedys gear, it still resonates today.

Walter Miller, "Vicksburg Blues"

We here at Five Songs like making fun of the fact that we're not qualified to talk about jazz. It's true! It's also one of our bits. But as thuddingly ignorant we are about jazz, we actually do know a little bit about it. If you want something we're REALLY unqualified to talk about, look no further than the blues. One of the foundational elements of all popular music, and we just don't know shit about it. We regret being dumbasses.

Pitchblende, "Ambient Noise"

OK, Plex.

Joshua Buergel
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