Five Songs, 12/28/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/28/2020

The Kinks, "Picture Book"

This song is why I started listening to the Kinks, thanks to the cover of the tune by the Young Fresh Fellows on This One's For The Ladies. It's such a jam that I went and looked up where it came from, and I was glad I did. It's such a good album! The Kinks - check 'em out!

Waxahatchee, "Air"

Waxahatchee has been one of the most consistent bands in indie rock over the last bunch of years. Each album just doesn't miss. This is from Ivy Tripp, which is the first album I heard, and it's very good.

Open Mike Eagle, "Dang Is Invincible"

Hella Personal Film Festival was kind of Open Mike Eagle's breakthrough record. I say kinda because he still didn't exactly get huge, but the album certainly got a lot more attention than his previous work. It's how I found out about him, so he managed to reach someone as clueless as me. It's a really interesting record, one that really rewards actually paying attention to it.

Farside, "Lollapalooza"

This comes from their self-titled EP, which is kind of a funny move. It's six songs of their usual brand of melodic punk rock, and it's one of their better sets of songs, but probably behind The Monroe Doctrine for me.

Frank Black and the Catholics, "Bad Harmony"

It's been a while since we've heard from the Catholics, which remains the best stuff that Frank Black has done after (the first run of) the Pixies. And yes, that includes the reunion Pixies records. He really kind of settled in with this band and just made some solid tunes. This is from Pistolero, which is my second favorite of their albums.

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