Five Songs, 12/29/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/29/2020

Eagles of Death Metal, "Anything 'Cept The Truth"

The opening track of Heart On, the third Eagles of Death Metal album of greasy rock before they went on hiatus. For me, I think that the previous album is a little better - a little scuzzier, a little less slick. Love the handclaps here, though. Five Songs is very much a pro-handclaps space.

Dawnbreed, "Volvoteen"

This album is from 1997, from Trans Solar records out of Koblenz. Dig the CompuServe email address on the back of the album! At any rate, this is a Very Josh sounding album, certainly for that time period. Thing is - I don't remember it! Might have bought it at a show? Might be an album that Megan bought? Did I buy it in a big batch and forget about it? Who knows?

Pink Floyd, "Money"

Growing up in Spokane, the radio wasn't great. There wasn't really an outlet for new music, because there wasn't really a college radio station to listen to. And in the 80s, college radio was basically the only place to regularly hear new music. The closest one was really the one out of Washington State University, which I could listen to when I was in Pullman with my dad. But other than that, lots of kids would listen to the classic rock station as the most reasonable choice. The consequence was that there were a bunch of people big into Floyd in high school, even though we were a full fiften years after the release of this recor. My fondness for the band never went away, even when I was in my most obscure phases of music listening.

Ugly Duckling, "I Won't Let It Die"

This is from the fourth Ugly Duckling album (Audacity), and it was kind of at this point that the lack of evolution from Ugly Duckling kind of wore me out. It's certainly not a bad record, but it's also more or less the same as the rest of their records. Certainly not the place to start, and probably not a record you'll ever get to.

Mastodon, "Crusher Destroyer"

Another album opener, this one from the first Mastodon album, Remission. From the beginning, you can hear the Mastodon hallmarks - the huge riffs, frantic drumming, the ripping solos, it's all here. This album gets a bit lost among their fantastic discography, but it's an excellent record.

Joshua Buergel
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